The motor sports documentary Air Racer: Chasing the Dream (65 min.) tells the story of dreamer, inventor, and race pilot Jon Sharp. It is a story of do-it-yourself ingenuity and determination on a grand scale. Air Racer follows Jon and his wife Patricia through a six-year struggle to create the world’s most advanced racing airplane, the Nemesis NXT. They put everything on the line, including Jon’s life, to realize a dream that's much larger than just winning a race. They intend to change air racing forever by offering their revolutionary design to other pilots.

Air racing is the world’s fastest and most dangerous motor sport. Once a year, some three hundred thousand fans flock to Reno, Nevada to see pilots push their tiny propeller driven planes to speeds of over four hundred miles per hour, while flying as low as fifty feet off the ground. The airplanes race in a close pack around a six-mile course marked by brightly painted telephone poles. There is no chance to use a parachute if an accident happens, and split second decisions often separate winners from casualties.

They must find a way to carry on and keep their dream alive if they hope to realize the true potential of what they have created. In the end, the reality of their achievement reaches so far beyond anyone’s expectations that air racing will never be the same again.

In true documentary fashion, Air Racer closely follows its subjects through moments of discovery and triumph, and times of danger and despair. With cameras rolling in the cockpits of four competing teams, in the pit areas, and at their respective home bases, viewers are able to share in the heartbreak and euphoria of this stirring story.