Today Air Racer holds a substantial fan base in both the documentary and aviation motor sports communities. The U.S. television premiere for Air Racer: Chasing the Dream was presented by The Documentary Channel in 2010. This marked the project as a successful crossover story with appeal to both motor sports enthusiasts and a general audience.

Over three thousand people attended special screenings of Air Racer: Chasing the Dream at AirVenture 2009, the largest aviation event in the world. Praise for the film was unanimous among aviation fans and the general public in attendance.

“This is without a doubt the best movie ever made about air racing ... a racer has to appreciate the authenticity and soul of this movie.”
Bob Axsom, Sport Air Racing League

Air Racer is a documentary about the elite world of air racing. The movie profiles a husband and wife team that try to create the most advanced, purpose-built air racing airplane ever built. The result is an exciting look at the competitive, but rarely seen world of air racing.”
Jason Paur,

“Unbelievable. Breathtaking. And above all... REAL. This is a movie about air racing that looks like it can hit the holy grail of appealing to the general public and also be something we can all get behind.”, HangarTalk

Air Racer is a skillful blending of the personal and technical aspects of air racing that spectators never get to see. It’s all there... The next best thing to being at the Reno Air Races. Highly recommended.”
Jack Cox, Sportsman Pilot Magazine