The goal of this project is to present an authentic portrait of a world known by relatively few people. Air racing is a motor sport of fanatics, genius mechanics, and fearless pilots with giant personalities. For Air Racer: Chasing the Dream, filmmaker Christopher Webb and his team meticulously documented the story over a six-year period. They shot over four hundred hours of material, mixing High Definition video and Super 16mm film to achieve rich visuals with cinematic flare. The production team made numerous trips to the Mojave Desert’s famed "Space Port" to follow the progress of their subjects, Team Nemesis. Filming the annual Reno Air Races in Nevada proved to be incredibly challenging, with eight or more aircraft roaring past only fifty feet overhead, at hundreds of miles per hour. Air races last only about nine minutes, yet anything from total catastrophe to winning a world championship can happen during each event. This required the filmmakers to be ready for anything and to coordinate cameras shooting simultaneously on the racecourse, in the pit areas, and in the cockpits for every race. The result is a film that captures the life changing experiences of its subjects in a way that speaks to anyone who has ever dared to chase their dreams.